GP locums to receive H1N1 vaccinations from their employing practices


There’s only one sensible way for locums to get their H1N1 jab, and that’s as soon as possible in one of their upcoming sessions at their next GP surgery. The BMA’s forthcoming advice on this will be quite clear:

Locums should seek vaccination at the practice at which they are registered in the first instance. However, if it is more practical for their vaccination to be administered at the practice at which they are working, they should ensure that the practice with which they are registered are informed that this vaccination has taken place.

The General Practitioners Committee of the BMA has been working on this in order that we can get our vaccines done and just get on with treating our patients. Experience is showing that practices are being really supportive and open-minded about this, and always remember that when it comes showing appreciation a packet of Hobnobs for the staff always goes down well.

There will be a tiny number of intransigent and short-sighted practices, so we’ve prepared some rebuffs for you:

  • “We can vaccinate you, but it’ll cost you £5”
    • Politely refuse to pay, stating that the BMA has issued strict guidance on this that locums are not to be charged, and locums are considered as part of the practices own occupational health policy. If this doesn’t throw them off then suggest they contact their LMC first!
  • “It’s against good practice to vaccinate locums”
    • No its not, and the BMA has obtained specific advice from the medical defense organisations stating that GPs are ‘covered’ to vaccinate their employees with this vaccine.
    • The BMA has advised to make sure your own GP is notified of you having had the vaccination, in line with the policy that if you treat family/friends always make sure their GP is given a record of what you’ve done.
  • “You’ll have to go to your own GP because we’re so busy/haven’t got enough for our own staff etc”
    • GP locums are front-line staff and sending them to their own GP just moves the problem elsewhere. And deploying this logic means that the practice will have to vaccinate its own “GP locum-patient” so still have not solved any problems, only created them.

One Comment to “GP locums to receive H1N1 vaccinations from their employing practices”

  1. I’ve just been ‘attacked’ by a practice nurse! “Have you had a swine flu vaccination?!” Er, no. “Sign yourself as a TR – i’ll put your address as my home – and i’ll do you now!”. So good to know there are some really lovely people working in the NHS.

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