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August 25, 2009

iMap raises key areas for developing competence framework for locum GPs

by christine246

NASGP member Christine Haseler has just had her iMap orals and not only raises concerns that could have an impact of revalidation, but also suggests some key areas for research and development into working as Sessional GPs

Although I am not sure of the outcome yet of my membership by Assessment of Performance for the RCGP (iMap), the process did seem fair but there is a definite lack of understanding of the environment within which locums work.

For example, in the section on referral letters, one of the questions was “how would I ensure that the practice had followed up on an action that came back in a referral letter”, that I only obtained because I specifically went back to the practice to seek it out.

As salaried, locums and out of hours GPs are here to stay, there needs to be a whole competency framework around these positions agreed with the RCGP although I am concerned that the RCGP may not have representatives in significant numbers from these areas of practice, if at all. The competencies of these GPs are very different from the competencies of a good partner, and to try to judge them by these standards means they will fall short, and also not be tested on important areas of their practice, such as handing over cases, dealing with patients in a one off consultation, notes appropriate to the one-off consultation, negotiating a safe working environment, seeking feedback and working as part of a team in the locum, salaried or out of hours doctor environment.

Dr Christine Haseler

December 7, 2008

No to revalidation ‘Plan B’


I’m becoming increasingly disheartened that Plan B for revalidation will simply be, for those who haven’t got enough support to get through the ‘conventional’ route, to sit the MRCGP. And considering that it’s the RCGP delivering revalidation, it’s a somewhat disingenuous situation whereby we’re potentially ending up lining the pockets of those who’ve left us in the lurch. I’ve written to the RCGP pointing this out, and have already had an acknowledgment that they will meet.


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